Cat Gets Possessed.

I think the weirdest thing thats ever happened with the Ouija Board was when my cat got possessed. You aren’t supposed to have a cat in the room with you when you’re using a Ouija Board. I wish I knew that back then. 

We were talking to a free willed, happy spirit at the time. We asked it a question when it said “Meow”. I looked over at my cat, who started hissing and crying as if it were in pain. I look back at he board and asked it if it was in the room. It replied with a “meow”. After that, I tried to pick up the cat. She looked at me and ran to the door. She hissed at me when I actually got ahold of her. I go back to the board where my Ouija worshipping friends were. I asked the spirit if it was in my cat. Obviously, she said yes. 

All that I had to do was ask her to leave the room, and she did. After that, we let the cat out and continued playing with the spirit board. 


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